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5 Tips to Grow your Twitch Channel Using Giveaway

Jul 2nd 2019

5 Tips to Grow your Twitch Channel Using Giveaway

For Twitch users with strong familiarity with the game streaming platform, the best accomplishment you can have is growing your Twitch channel for a huge subscription.

While having a massive audience will generate substantial income for you, the hurdle to cross on your way to becoming a Twitch marketing expert or a gaming influencer remains how to create an effective strategy to grow your Twitch Channel.

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How to get Subscribers on Twitch

Here, we have written a simple and easy-to-follow guide on how to boost your Twitch channel leveraging giveaway using the following tips.

Remember, the money is always on the list; the bigger your channel, the more subscription you have, hence, the higher your revenue.

Tips for Running a Twitch Giveaway

These are some of the tips that will help you to run a successful Twitch Giveaway. Note that you aim to retain your channel subscribers beyond the giveaway time. As such, you must ensure to incorporate all these tips as your giveaway strategies to have an excellent result.

1. Set a goal

A mistake that most Twitch streamers have in common while running a giveaway is their inability to set clear objectives. We all know that the result of running a Twitch giveaway is to grow your channel. However, you must make your goals specific enough. As a rule of thumb, every business objective should follow the S.M.A.R.T approach. That is Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant and Time-Bound.
Here are some of the objectives that go with Twitch giveaway:

Boosting your Traffic

A giveaway is a great way to generate organic traffic to your website. Since you will be giving out freebies, you might consider letting participants part away with their emails or subscribe to your website newsletter before they could register for the competition.

Improve your Brand Loyalty

For many streamers the question of how to get followers on Twitch is crucial. Nothing sells your brand more than the loyalty you have generated for yourself. You can achieve that with a Twitch giveaway. When you run a successful campaign, you will be able to convey messages about your brand values to both the new and old subscribers.

Grow other Social Media Channels

Also, you can leverage the cross-platform functionality of the giveaway app, which involves using Twitch with other social media platforms such as Steam, Discord, Mixer, and YouTube. Not only will that help you to grow your Twitch channel, but it will also give some new awareness to these other platforms. You may mandate participants to like or subscribe to your other social media count to boost activities. This gives you some sort of one-for-all value.

2. Use Relevant Prizes

This is very critical in the giveaway. While it’s crucial to pick valuable products as your prize, you might be doing more harm than good selecting gifts that are not relevant to your product or services. For instance, since you’re into game streaming, you should focus your attention on items such as:

  • Activation Key for newly released premium games,
  • Consoles
  • Gamepad
  • Games
  • Graphics cards
  • Steam Keys
  • In-Game Items
  • Skins
  • In-Game Money (like Vbucks)
  • Headphones

Likewise, you can consider any other accessories that complement gaming. Also, ensure that your gift is worth your return on investment (RoI).

3. Schedule your Event

Next is to create a schedule for your Twitch giveaway. It will be a little unprofessional and bias not to let your audience know how you want your giveaway to pan out. Choose a date and the duration of each event. It’s during this moment that you build hype around your giveaway and let the right audience know when it’s going to be live. The timeframe for the promotion will depend a lot on the value of the prize selected. Ideally, prizes of higher value such as a console require a longer duration to build the hype and also to run the giveaway. If your rewards fall between $25-100 in value, 14 days should be enough. However, you should note that most traffic is generated within 2-3 days of launching a giveaway.

4. Setting up your Twitch Giveaway

After all the necessary preparation has been made, now is the time to focus on the real deal. Remember that your audience is more of people who are only after winning your prize. You have a role to play in turning prospects to subscribers. If the quality of your content is top-notch, you stand a higher chance of recording a successful giveaway.

Irrespective of the quality of your content, you can always leverage the Twitch Giveaway App to maximize your result.

Selecting the best giveaway platform can be a little tricky. Forget about the hypes; your focus should be on choosing the giveaway app that offers you the best value for money.

Thus when it comes to giveaway for Twitch, only a few can rival Socialman.

5. Promoting your Twitch Giveaway

A common mistake many streamers make while running a Twitch giveaway is to assume that it’s all about dishing out prizes. In real sense, Twitch is a community that thrives on building a positive relationship with other members. You need to promote your Twitch giveaway leveraging other social platforms, particularly Reddit.  You can make use of Reddit’s forum and message board to isolate members that will be interested in your giveaway. The platform is recognized as gamers’ hangout for game discussion. Also, you can focus on subreddits, steam groups, and message boards to gain the attention of the gamers.

Although Reddit is one of the best platforms to promote Twitch giveaway, however, like every other community, you don’t just jump in to drop your promo. You need to create a bond by engaging with other users posts first before you request them to check your steam.

Another interesting platform to cut promo is Twitter. It’s a very popular social media channels among gamers as many of them usually focus on exchanging short and quick information.

You can check here to see other methods you can promote your Twitch giveaway apart from Reddit and Twitter.

Wrap it Up

Congratulations! You have successfully run a Twitch giveaway, but that is not enough. Giveaways are not a non-off event; you have to invest in it to keep growing your Twitch channel continually eventually become one of the best Twitch influencers. List everything that worked and those that failed in your last giveaway. Conversely, use that experience to plan another one. And remember, you have Socialman to tidy things up concerning the giveaway so that you can have time to focus on the other aspects.

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