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General Questions

  • What is Socialman?

    Socialman is an online platform that allows you to create giveaways and contests through multiple social media channels as a way of involving their users in the process.

  • Which social media networks is Socialman compatible with?

    We have actions that allow your users to post to Facebook, X(Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, Discord, Steam, Telegram, Pinterest, Spotify, and Reddit . We also offer options for redirecting a user to Google Play and the App Store to download the content of your choice.

  • Where can I find the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

    At the bottom of the homepage, you will find several links, which include links for the Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. Clicking on them will take you to the text you are searching for.

  • What browser does this application run best on?

    We have assured that all browsers that support jQuery library will run without problems as long as Java Script and cookies are enabled. Specifically, we have performed test runs on the desktop vresions of: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (Version 8.0 and up). We have also done tests on several mobile browsers including: Chrome, Safari, Android, Opera for Android, Internet Explorer Mobile, Microsoft Edge and Coast. All of these named browsers are compatible with Socialman.

  • How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to Socialman's mailing list?

    In the same section as the Contact form there is an option to 'Sign up to our Newsletter.' All you need to do is enter your email and you will begin receiving email updates from us. To unsubscribe, there will be a link on the bottom of each email you receive from us that can remove you automatically from our mailing list.

  • Is Socialman compatible with GDPR regulations?

    Yes it is. Socialman is a business located in the territory of the European Union and it's Privacy Policy is compatible with current GDPR regulations. You can find more informations about data protection in the Privacy Policy.

  • How can I contact Socialman?

    There are two ways. One way is on the homepage of Socialman. On the top right there is a 'Contact' button that leads you to a form that you can fill out and press send. We email you our responses to the email you provide. The second way involves the Dashboard on your account. There is a section on the left called 'Support.' If you expand it, you will see a 'Contact form' button, which will prompt a form to appear.

Account and Subscriptions

  • How do I set up an account?

    On the header of the website, click on Pricing and choose the plan that suits you best. After prompted, enter in your email information as well as your payment plan type if you choose Standard or above. You will receive a confirmation email that once you open, will activate your account. After this is done you can click on the newly visible Dashboard option on the header. Now you are free to begin creating custom-made campaigns for all your users to see!

  • How can I change my password?

    On the Dashboard, there are several options on the left side of the web page. Expand the 'Account' section and click on 'Change Password'. Enter in both your old password and the new password you would like to associate with your account. Click on 'Update' and it's as simple as that!

  • What if I forgot my password?

    When you attempt to log in there is a link titled, 'Forgot your password?'. This will prompt you to enter in your email and a link will be sent to you to reset your password.

  • How can I change my payment plan/disactivate my subscription if I wish?

    At the Dashboard, if you click on 'My Account' there will be a button titled 'Subscription'. Click on it and next, under your current plan information click the button 'Change your plan'. You will be redirected to the list of available plans where you can change your current subscription. To cancel any paid subscription go to the column with the free Basic plan information and click the 'Change' button below it.

Creating a Giveaway

  • How do I create a giveaway?

    *Notice. You cannot create new giveaways without being logged in first.

    Once you are on the dashboard, click on the green button 'Add new giveaway.' Enter the language of choice for your giveaway and enter however many prizes you would like to connect to it. Then, choose a timeframe for your giveaway. There are no limits as to how long the giveaways can go on, but we recommend that your giveaway not stay active for longer than a month because users' interest tends to stagnate after one month's time. Next comes the important part: choosing the entry options for your users. You can control the social media network the advertising takes place in. You can choose to allow your users to post messages, follow pages and send tweets. There is also the a quiz and poll option that would be useful in informing your users of your product.

  • What does 'mandatory' action mean?

    If action is defined as mandatory, participants who do not complete it are not eligible to win the prize. They are skiped during the winner draw. The mandatory action does not 'unlock' access to other actions.

  • Can I collect emails from people entering my giveaways?

    Yes you can. Entering email is mandatory for all participants in your giveaways. Collected emails can be downloaded as CSV file. This feature is available in all giveaways and all subscription plans.

  • What languages are currently available in running a giveaway?

    Currently our giveaways can be created in thirteen languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, and Vietnamese. All language versions are available for all subscription plans including the free Basic plan. We are also in the middle of creating other versions.

  • How do I pick and contact winners?

    When the campaign has officially ended (as per the count down) you will receive an email prompting you to pick a winner. You can do that by going into your Dashboard and editing the relevant giveaway. One of the options are 'Choose a Winner.' Once you click on that you have two options: you may randomly pick a winner from the pool of participants or pick from only the highest point values.

  • Can I choose more than one winner?

    Yes, you can. There is no limit. You don't have to define the number of winners in your giveaway settings but you should specify it clearly in your prize description and the terms and conditions. To choose multiple winners you have to repeat the winner selection process in the dashboard.

  • Give me more details about the types of methods for choosing a winner.

    If you choose 'Choose a winner at random', the process of randomizing users is completely computerized ensuring that the outcome is completely fair. If you choose 'Choose a winner randomly from participants with the highest points' the winners will be lined up according to the number of points they have accrued and a winner will be randomly chosen from each category (separated by the number of points a user has).

  • Can I change the duration of my giveaway once I've published it?

    Of course! You can enter into the Dashboard and edit the specific giveaway you would like to alter. From there, its just a matter of changing the dates that you originally set. Make sure this change is legal in your country. Don't forget to alert your current/prospective users about the change in giveaway duration!

    **Warning: There is a chance that the giveaway may not be received correctly by your users.

  • Can I restrict an access to a giveaway to specific locations?

    Yes, you can. If you want to restrict an access to your giveaway to specific locations please go to 'Restrict access by location' section on ypur giveaway setup and choose countries from the list. This feature is not available in the free Basic plan.

  • How do I advertise my newly created widget for my giveaway?

    Once your giveaway is ready to be advertised, you can either choose 'Save and Show Preview' or if you are coming back to your giveaway after you have saved it click on the 'Download' icon and choose 'Show Preview'. That will lead you to a page with a preview of your widget and a URL above it. Copy and paste that link to any website that supports HTML and it should automatically show up. If you find you are having issues or the website you wish to post the widget to is not compatible with HTML links, we also have a regular URL that you may post into an browser to generate a separate page for the widget. Feel free to contact us if you continue to have problems with this part.

  • Give me more information on how to embed widgets on a page.

    Most websites provide some kind of CMS (Content Management System) with the WYSIWYG text editor (TinyMCE, FCKEditor, CKEditor or other). When embedding on a page using WYSIWYG editor you have to switch to HTML mode and paste our code in the box. Please make sure that pasting Javascript and script HTML tags are enabled in your editor. If it's not you won't be able to paste and save the code. If you can't use Javasctipt, you'll have to create a web page link to your campaign and redirect your users.

  • Is there a limit to how many giveaway I can host?

    Good news! Currently, all our plans, including the free Basic plan, come with unlimited campaign creation! In the future, however, we can consider putting a limit on the Basic accounts and keep unlimited campaign creation in the Standard and Pro plans.

  • Why aren't I receiving notifications about my giveaway beginning and ending?

    You may not have the notifications box checked off. Go back to the Dashboard and click on 'Account' to expand it. If you open 'My Profile' there will be a 'Change Settings' option. Click on that and check to see if 'Email Notifications' is checked off. That should determine whether you receive alerts on your email.

  • What should I include in my Terms & Conditions?

    Depending on your country of residence, the legal implications will vary when hosting a giveaway. Our suggestion is that you look to examples of campaigns hosted in your countries as a template.

Participating in a Giveaway

  • Why do I need my email to take part in a giveaway?

    We need it to track of the points you have received from participating in the giveaway. This is important as it determines your chance in the winner selection process. If you post to other applications such as Twitter or Facebook, you will be asked for your account username and password for the same reason.

  • Do I need to log in with my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

    No, not necessarily. To expand off the last answer, if you choose to simply answer a poll/quiz question, you will be prompted for your email to keep track of the points you have accrued for that specific campaign. If you choose any of the redirecting options to social media sites, you will need your username and password to be able to post on your account.

  • Can I change or delete posts on social media after I have posted them?

    Yes, you can but be aware that it may affect your chances of winning the prize if the host sees that you have modified the original post. Keep in mind that our application, though a giveway, is also a way for companies and firms to advertise themselves on the internet and through your participation, you help them achieve that goal.

  • Where can I find an individual giveaway's Privacy Policy and Terms of Agreement?

    At the bottom of the company's widget for the giveaway, there is a link you can click on named, 'Terms & Conditions'. This section highlights important information for the participants such as details of the prizes, conditions for participation, etc.)

  • Where can I find Socialman's General Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions?

    On our website, Socialman.net, you will find several links, which include links at the bottom of the Socialman's homepagefor the Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. Clicking on them will take you to the text you are searching for.

  • What browsers is this widget compatible with?

    We have assured that all browsers that support jQuery library will run without problems as long as Java Script and cookies are enabled. Specifically, we have performed test runs on the desktop versions of: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer (Version 8.0 and up). We have also done tests on several mobile browsers including: Chrome, Safari, Android, Opera for Android, Internet Explorer Mobile, Microsoft Edge and Coast. All of these named browsers are compatible with Socialman.

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