Growing Your Spotify Fanbase: Get More Followers With These Methods

By Eddie Graham, Sep 1st 2020

Growing Your Spotify Fanbase: Get More Followers With These Methods

Spotify is a unique app where musicians and fans come together to share their love of songs and compositions.

Over 200 million people use Spotify regularly, making it an excellent place for musicians to grow their audience. If you haven't claimed your profile yet as an artist, you can follow this link.

Once your profile is claimed, you can pitch songs to the app's playlist editors to play before it drops. Spotify might add it to their editorial team picks while placing it on the Release Radar for your followers.

That's one way to grow your Spotify fanbase.

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Best Ways to Gain Spotify Followers Fast

Why is it essential to have Spotify followers?

Being successful as an artist on any platform or stage requires an understanding of followers vs. listeners.

You must engage people with your community to become aware of your music. When followers turn into fans, they listen to your songs and that creates revenue.

When you're ready to get more followers on this app, here are a few methods to consider that go beyond the direct approach to the editors.

1. Leverage your other social media profiles.

As an artist, you're likely active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. You've worked hard to grow your fanbase there, which means you have people interested in your music, news updates, and life perspectives.

Talk to these fans about your Spotify presence. A simple status update that says, 'Follow me on Spotify!' with a link could help your numbers rise faster than you might realize. Boosting posts to ensure visibility is an affordable way to grow your brand with this method.

2. Add a follow button to your website.

Your website generates plenty of traffic. People come to your domain because they want to know you better as a person and an artist. When you add a follow button that links to your Spotify profile, people can join your fanbase with a single click. They won't even need to leave your website!

3. Share your created playlists online.

Being an artist on Spotify is a unique role. It also means that you're an influencer, introducing new ideas and music to people who love your sound. When you take the time to create and share playlists with your followers, it can generate excitement for your existing singles, albums, and upcoming releases.

When you share the music created by other artists with this method, you'll often receive the same favor in return.

4. Use promotions and giveaways to generate attention.

Running a giveaway for your fans on Spotify is a fun and low-cost way to attract attention to your work. This option offers value to people because there's something for free, which brings in people to your community who may not regularly listen to your music. Everyone loves rewards!

The best solution for running giveaways on Spotify is through Socialman. The app lets you run with Spotify using sign in, follow user, and same artist/track/album actions within a widget to generate results.

You can combine additional options, such as Instagram or YouTube actions, to create some incredible results!

5. Follow other users in the Spotify community.

The follow/follow-back mechanism has been part of the Internet growth strategy since businesses started exchanging links in the early 2000s. It's one of the few options that continues to stick around because it works.

When you follow someone, that person typically follows your account. If you don't get an immediate follow-back, start engaging the community more often. Sharing user-created playlists that contain your music is an excellent way to gain more attention.

6. Create a membership gate that unlocks with Spotify actions.

Several platforms provide services on Spotify that 'locks' content. Fans can access it by following you on Spotify, effectively creating a membership platform that doesn't cost much beyond the service subscription paid for access to this product.

A successful membership gate requires high-quality content that keeps fans coming back for more. If the unlocked items don'’t have much value, the Spotify followers you have may not be as engaged. That outcome can translate to fewer listens and less revenue.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Spotify Fanbase?

It takes time to build an engaged community on Spotify. When people fall in love with your music, your efforts to connect with fans become easier.

Running giveaways, adding a follow button, and other strategies can enhance your work to get your numbers higher every day.

How are you taking control of this exciting outreach opportunity?

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