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How to Do an Instagram Giveaway

Jun 6th 2019

How to Do an Instagram Giveaway

With the staggering number behind Instagram statistic, it is apparent that any businesses that fail to leverage Instagram to revenue at this age are only doing themselves a disservice. Instagram is a great social media platform to increase brand awareness, generate leads, improve sales conversion, and grow revenue.

However, in this present age where the audience has unlimited access to information, getting massive followers for your Instagram page particularly as a new entrant or small businesses with a tight budget to run ads can be a hard nut to crack.

Contests have proven to be one of the most valuable tools to grow Instagram followers. There are various ways of creating an Instagram contest, but none can compare to the use of giveaway. Everybody likes freebies. You also do, right?

Here, we have highlighted a step-by-step guide on how to do an Instagram giveaway to generate a massive follower for your brand.

Before we proceed, did you know that over 600 million people, that is, 60% of users search and discover new products on Instagram? Imagine the amount of benefit you can derive from leveraging Instagram giveaway for a contest?

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Strategies for Creating an Effective Instagram Contest using Giveaway

We understand that you are excited about growing your Instagram account. We can relate with the pain of setting up an account and struggling to meet objectives. However, before you can think of running a successful Instagram giveaway for brands, you have to consider certain factors which include:

Set Objectives Your Objective Right

The primary goal of an Instagram giveaway is to boost your followership. However, beyond that, you have to set some accompany objectives that you need to realized alongside growing the number of your followers. These are some of the objectives you can adopt:

1. Improving Engagement

When it comes to creating social proof, the power lies in the number. It’s crucial that you strive to increase the number of followers that engage with your posts, whether images or video. Naturally, while many followers may not want to relate with your post, doing an Instagram giveaway will propel many to engage with you. Remember, everybody loves freebies!

2. Creating Brand Awareness

Instagram giveaway is perfect for launching a new product or increasing awareness of the existing ones. With the improved engagement comes with an increase in brand awareness. Having a successful giveaway will prepare your followers to anticipate your product launch.

3. Growing E-mail Subscribers

Unless you are a newbie in online business, you must be aware of the significance of building your e-mail subscriber list. Instagram giveaway will let you achieve that. You should consider getting your followers and contestants valid email addresses before they can participate in the giveaway.

4. Facilitating Customer Loyalty

If you want to foster a strong relationship between you and your customers, then you should take giveaway seriously. Since an Instagram giveaway is a win-win for both organizers and participants, your followers will trust you more if you willingly gift them valuable items.

5. Increasing Website/Blog Visitors

Lastly, another prime objective for the Instagram giveaway is to increase the number of website/blog visitors. We understand that you want to grow your IG followers, but increasing the number of your website audience together with increasing your follower base will do no harms.

Select a Relevant Prize

Giveaway is all about winning a prize. However, you have to be careful while selecting your ideal reward. It may be tempting to choose an expensive item like a new MacBook Pro, while your followers will appreciate it the issue is, is the MacBook complimentary to the products you sell or services you offer? If you choose a product that appeals to your targeted audience, you will find it easier to attract the right kind of people. For instance, if your business involves planning vacations and trips for your followers, you could consider using a flight ticket as your giveaway prize. Don’t shoot overboard; select an item that is reasonable and appealing to your targeted audience.

Identify the Best Giveaway Method to Use

To run a successful Instagram giveaway, you need to put a method in place. Instagram giveaway app has proven to be one of the tested and trusted ways of running a successful contest that will grow Instagram followers. It is easy to use and highly effective.

Socialman is one of the leading giveaway apps across all social media platforms. It is fast, simple, and highly effective in running successful giveaways.

How to Use Socialman Giveaway App for Instagram

Using Socialman giveaway tool is simple and straightforward. You can seamlessly run a contest without any technical knowledge.

Here are the steps involved in using Socialman App for the Instagram giveaway:

Create an account on Socialman.net, select your plan, and login into your account. To run a successful Instagram giveaway, you need to set up your campaign type. It starts with picking your prize name, e.g., 'Win $100 Amazon Gift Card'. After that, choose the starting and ending day for your campaign, and add entry options. These are the steps that contestants will follow before they can win a prize.

We currently have four action types tailored for Instagram giveaways, which include:

Sign in with Instagram: Participant needs to sign in into their Instagram account first. As a result you will receive participant's basic data including email, name and link to Instagram profile.

Sign in with Instagram


Visit on Instagram: This will be followed by visiting your page on Instagram.

Visit Instagram profile


View photo or video on Instagram: Next is to view a picture or video posted on your on Instagram page. This action type displays Instagram comments interface below the photo. You can ecourage viewers to leave the comment for better social impact.

View photo or video on Instagram.


Select a photo or video from Instagram: After that, the contestant will select a photo or video from their Instagram profile. Submitted media can be later used for contest purposes, e.g for selecting the winner. This entry type is perfect for driving more engagement on your Instagram profile.

Select a photo or video from your Instagram


Using Socialman Viral Share

Viral marketing is a campaign strategy where you mandate participants to spread information about your brand to the other people in the follower list. A perfect example of using viral share is stating something like this:

“Get extra points for sharing this giveaway with your friends. Grab up to five points in total!”

Viral share, viral giveaway


Growing your Instagram follower should not give you a sleepless night. Empowering yourself with the right Instagram Giveaway App like Socialman will help you to achieve your goal seamlessly. Why don’t you give a trial today? It’s easy, fast, and efficient!


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