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How to Run a Giveaway on Discord

Apr 10th 2020

How to Run a Giveaway on Discord

If you land on this page, then you are probably looking to grow your Discord server. While building your Discord community organically is a commendable activity, most times, you need to give out freebies to your fans and followers to gain their trust and loyalty.

Discord being a multi-dimensional platform, is a bit challenging to grow. Unlike other social media platforms, Discord is unique in that a large proportion of its audience are gamers. Thus, that makes the audience streamlined.

However, this doesn’t mean that you must be a game-addict to enjoy Discord. If you are looking to promote dance classes, digital conventions, study groups, books, clubs, and a lot more, you will need to attract more followers to your server. And there are no better methods to achieve it than running a giveaway.

Here, we have analyzed step-by-step guides on how to run a giveaway on Discord. Note that although the primary purpose of giveaway is to increase your server base, the ultimate goal is to foster a healthy relationship and build a community of loyal fans by rewarding your followers.

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What You Need to Know About Discord Giveaway

Discord giveaway is not a new thing among Discord users and gamers. It’s almost the same as other social media platforms giveaway, howbeit, done within the circle of gamers. Unlike others, certain things are peculiar to Discord giveaway. Some of which include but not limited to;

1. Discord Giveaway Grows User’s server

As a gamer, you should know the importance of having a large server. It doesn’t only allow you to play games together with a large number of people but also enables you to play the games without hiccups.

Whether you are just a random user or someone looking to promote is a gaming site, Discord giveaway makes it possible to grow your server, provided you stick to its guidelines.

2. It is Used for Community Building and Sharing

Discord prioritizes its user’s conveniences, and most of its users also adopt this principle. Doing Discord giveaway is a way to build and share what you have with the community (we mean other users of Discord.)

For instance, most giveaway done on Discord evolves around what you need as a gamer. Therefore, whatever you’ll be dishing out should be something that your target audience needs and can benefit from.

3. Strict Adherence to Guideline Is Very Important

To maintain a safe and healthy community, Discord places a priority on its guidelines to ensure that its users adhere strictly to these rules. You can check out these to know what it entails and devise a means to adhere to each.

A breach in any of these rules may lead to suspension of your account, content removal and can even go as far as deleting your account permanently.

4. You Can Also Use It to Grow Your Followers

Like other social media platforms, doing Discord giveaway is a great way to grow your followers, improve your online presence, brand awareness, and much more. This is very effective, especially when you are just launching a new game.

It is the perfect avenue to talk about yourself, business, and game, whether new or existing. However, you must endeavor to adopt a subtle approach in doing this so that it wouldn’t appear as if you are coercing them.

These and more are what you need to know and take into cognizance if you want to have a result-driven, and perfect Discord giveaway.

Step by Step Guide on How to Run Giveaway That Generates Result on Discord

There are several foolproof ways you can run a giveaway on Discord. Nevertheless, the following step by step guide will aid you in making it easier and more effective.

Set Your Objectives

It is very crucial to know what you are getting from the giveaway. Knowing what you wish to achieve from it will give you an idea of the process to adopt, and other critical factors you need to put into consideration.

Also, it will provide you with an edge and help you in devising a means to get your followers to do whatever you have in mind without batting an eyelid.

Know the Right Prizes to Give Out

You are in the gaming world, and you sure know what gamers want. Even if it’ll cost you some time and energy to research more on what is high in demand that you can use to lure people to your server.

Why? Because it is a crucial factor in determining the turnaround of the giveaway.

Use the Right Channel

The common Channel most people use in running their giveaway is Discord giveaway bots. But one major challenge with this is everything about it is automatic.

This means all you need to do is to set up a giveaway, and the bots will do the rest of the work for you- which technically means you might not be able to achieve your set objectives fully.

Well, the good news is, some companies do this too but in an ethical way. One of such companies is Socialman. It is your go-to software when it comes to doing a giveaway that generates results on any social media platform.

Consider Your Audience

When doing your giveaway on Discord, it is imperative to know what your audience wants, how best to communicate with them, and other things you think can help you to have a smooth and successful giveaway.

Leverage on Some Essential Tools

This is another essential guide if at all you want to achieve your desired result of the giveaway. These tools will aid in providing you the necessary information, help in strategizing, and putting your plans into action.

Socialman is another tool you need, especially if you don’t have enough time to put into researching. Socialman is committed to giving you a giveaway that improves your brand awareness, generates sales, and an increasing number of followers in different languages on Discord.

How to Do A Discord Giveaway with Socialman

There are some entry types that will aid your usage of Socialman Discord giveaway. These include;

Sign Up with Discord Account

The participant of the costest will have to sign up with his Discord account. After this, the information from Discord that includes email, name, and link to the Discord profile will be stored in your giveaway’s database. You will be able to use the data to contact the participants, pick up the winners and communicate with them.

Join Server on Discord

After the participant has successfully signed in, he will be able to join your server via the giveaway widget. To set up this action in the dashboard you will have to paste the invite link from Discord. Giveaway widget will check the servers of the participant and verify whether he joined your server.

Here we have some good news for you. Unlike others, Socialman doesn’t limit the number of servers to join in a single contest. That also means you can go as far as organizing a cross-promotional giveaway on Discord. You have the opportunity to join as many servers as you wish to improve your brand awareness whenever you want to run a Discord giveaway using Socialman.

Final Thought

Running a giveaway on Discord is a great way to increase popularity, especially if you have a foolproof plan and leverage on the use of Socialman as your knights in shining armor.

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