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Socialman's Analytics Superpower

Jan 9th 2017

Socialman's Analytics Superpower

Statistics plays a major role in the success of many marketing efforts. It helps you predict what your customer base consists of, where potential customers exist, helps you gain insight into what interests a potential customer.

Socialman is an application that bridges the gap between ease of use and full comprehensibility in the online giveaway world. It integrates multiple social media platforms with a sleek, customizable design for every giveaway.

Some of Socialman's most important elements are the optional statistical features that become relevant in the Pro plan.

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This section contains overall data about user activity in your giveaways displayed on the line chart. There are two main factors: number of participants and number of actions. Whereas the first factor is easy to understand the second one means the amount of all actions taken by your participants e.g followings, posts, polls, quiz questions answered, etc.

The proportion between both of them is very important for your giveaway. If you defined many actions but both chart lines are close to each other, it means that users are not very active. They just want to be registered, get a chance to win a prize and nothing more. In fact, they are not very motivated. If they are not active the campaign will not go viral. This is a signal that something should be improved.

Referral Sources

Referral Sources feature, allows you to see as a giveaway host where your widget is popping up the most: through a direct link, one posted to a social media site, or prompted through a search query, ex. Google.

You can go even further as the statistics break down into smaller segments such as differentiating between types domains used and which specific URL's meaning if the widget was posted to another blog or website, you will be alerted.

Widget locations

This section gives you information about the websites where your widget is hosted. In Socialman you can embed your widget on some website (e.g. your blog), or use a direct link to it. Both of these locations will be tracked here.

Moreover, if you use tracking tags in the URL of your widget location you can track more information cause URLs will contain different tags. This is an easy way to track data about your campaign. In case you use email campaign or banners to drive traffic to your widget, you can easily track this sources using tracking tags


Beyond these features, there is also the Demographics section, an updated map that distinguishes which countries your giveaways garner the most attention (which would be helpful in developing international business strategies) with different shades marking the amount of activity for each specific country.


The following options further divide up the demographics of your followers: the ability to see if your giveaway is accessed through desktop or mobile platforms, to check which browsers are most often utilized when accessing your giveaway, to see which operating system is used at the time of activity on your giveaway and even the exact device brand that is used. This is a mountain of information that allows you the most thorough analysis while still allowing total anonymity for your user base.

Why Analytics Matters?

Knowing the activity of your giveaways could yield you higher levels of advertising in the future. Socialmans's statistics can give a major boost to your marketing power, which would lead to more posts on Twitter, more likes on Facebook, and more opinions to bounce off of.

Socialman wants to help you build your user base. From its very inception, its goal was to promote wide ranges of advertising as well as keeping up with the locomotion that is social media activity.

Socialman is an easy step to ensure your campaigns are successful evermore.

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