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15+ Websites to Post Your Giveaway for Free

Oct 11th 2020

15+ Websites to Post Your Giveaway for Free

Giveaways are a token of gratitude for their love and sincerity to one. Many content creators organize giveaways from time to time to stay in touch with their fans. If you’re looking for a place that can advertise your giveaways, here are some of the best ones:

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1. Reddit

Reddit is arguably the best place for the discussion of any topic on the planet. As far as giveaways are concerned, a subreddit has already been made where people can post their giveaway events without any promotion issues or marketing costs. It’s one of the best places to display your giveaway.

2. Social Media

Like Reddit, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are some of the leading websites where people are more likely to gain a bigger audience through their giveaways. If you want more people to know about your giveaway and interact with it, you might have to pay them. But you can still do it for free as well.

3. Giveaway Frenzy

This site is a great way to reach other platforms. Giveaway Frenzy has access to over one hundred sites where it publishes people’s giveaways. There are paid packages for extensive promotions, but the free package works just as fine. It’s a great way to get to places that may be out of your reach.

4. Online Sweepstakes

Online Sweepstakes is a website that provides a comprehensive list of current giveaways, sweepstakes, and contests from various companies and websites. The platform is user-friendly, offering easy navigation and search options.

5. True Sweepstakes

This website is currently one of the biggest hubs for submitting your giveaways. The site is quite interactive. It also has some requirements for one to submit their giveaway that ensures one does not scam the winner. The website asks many important questions about the giveaway as well, which helps everyone in different ways.

6. SweepstakesBible

SweepstakesBible is another website that works like SweepGrab. There are options where one can opt for free listing as well as paid ones. The site, however, doesn’t guarantee the listing of ever free giveaway. On the other hand, paid promotions get a guaranteed listing and extreme promotion on other websites too. The site is quite secure for payments.

7. SweepGrab

SweepGrab is similar to True Sweepstakes, except for some details. The site even works very similarly to the latter. However, it doesn’t have any specific requirements for one to submit a giveaway. There are options for paid promotions as well, which employ platforms like Facebook and Twitter too.

8. Sweeties Sweeps

While its tagline says much about the website, there’s a lot you can offer as well. The site has a satisfactory cyber-security, which makes hacking a difficult option. There are some requirements related to locality and the prize of the giveaway which make this site very reliable. You can also buy additional features for your giveaways.

9. Contestgirl

Contestgirl is a different website than others. It shows you all the winners of the giveaways that just ended and offers you an option to add yours. You can add your giveaway very easily as it only requires the important details. However, if you want to look at the progress of your giveaway, you’ll have to log in.

10. MoneySavingExpert

This site provides excellent details about the pros and cons of every step of a giveaway. Moreover, it also hosts a lot of giveaways for people to participate in. However, this is a forum website, and it could require a lot of details for your giveaways. Nevertheless, you will find a lot of useful information regarding giveaways on this website.

11. Tomorro

Tomorro works with a different aim than most websites. They mainly give opportunities to charity focused giveaways. This means that the contest needs to be clean and clear to make it to their pages. They require a number of details to ensure that the other person doesn’t waste their time. They even accept giveaways that allow real cash prizes.

12. Contest Bee

Like the other websites, Contest Bee is a site with lots of content and free giveaways for everybody. The website is completely safe for people to enter giveaways and register one of their own. If you want to upload your giveaway here, you can find the Submit link in the About section at the end of the page. At times, it may seem that the link may not be working, but that’s because they close the link temporarily at times due to high traffic.

13. Competition Database

This website is applicable for UK residents only. Nonetheless, it is one of the best places to enlist your giveaways. The website shows an extensively updated list of all the sweepstakes that people enlisted in the UK. One can also add their contest to the database. To do that, one must create an account and fulfill some requirements. These requirements focus on pricing, redirecting to another site, completing surveys, and others.

14. Giveaway Machine

Compared to other websites, Giveaway Machine is a very captivating site. It displays giveaways in a different layout. Moreover, one can filter their searches. Even submitting such contests is a very easy task. You only need to click on the Submit Giveaway option. After that, you only need to fill in the form. One can also use their promotion offers.

15. Contest Canada

This website is aimed for contests based in Canada only. There are always a lot of items on display there and one can also post their contests here. The site also presents its contents with a humorous line which gives the visitors a good time on the website. If you have a contest based entirely in Canada, you can use the Suggest a Contest link. You can apply for the basic package and there are paid ones also. Once you submit your form, your contest will be uploaded on the site.

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