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How to Run a Successful Giveaway on Twitter

Apr 7th 2020

How to Run a Successful Giveaway on Twitter

The continuous growth of Twitter has made it one of the go-to social media platforms for optimizing brand awareness, improve sales conversion, generate leads, and develop an ever-growing customer base for every business.

Lots of information are being disclosed on Twitter daily, with endless trending hashtags (e.g., #LockdownHouseParty, #Covid19, #coronavirus, etc.) Also, the unceasing tweets of personnel like Donald Trump, Narenda Modi, and so on, coupled with the increasing popularity among gamers, young people, and other digital enthusiasts, make advertising on Twitter worthwhile.

However, we understand the fact that gaining a reputation on Twitter might be quite tasking, especially if you don’t have a budget for ads placement. Surprisingly, a cost-effective, efficient, and proven way to increase your followers and engagement is by doing a giveaway.

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Why should you do a Twitter giveaway?

Doing a Twitter giveaway has a lot of relevance attached to it based on some reasons. These reasons vary according to the user’s objective. Nevertheless, the following are some of the reasons why you should leverage on a Twitter giveaway.

To increase the number of followers

The number of followers you have on your Twitter page is a crux to having good sales. You don’t expect someone with a low number of followers to record massive sales on Twitter. Hence, it is a must to have a high number of followers.

This is not about generating fake or bots’ followers. Yeah, you can always generate thousands of followers using either of these, but none of it will get you your desired result.

This means that for you to get the desired result, you need real followers.
And what better way to do that than to have a contest in the form of giveaways.

To build engagement

Doing Twitter giveaway doesn’t end with increasing the number of followers; it also stretches to building engagement. There is no point in having massive followers with zero engagement that can’t affect your sales positively.

So, engagement is essential just as much as having real followers. How? Because a high engagement rate translates to a high sales conversion rate and lots of followers who trust you enough to retweet your posts.

To improve brand awareness

Launching your product or service with a giveaway is a great way to generate buzz for your brand. Furthermore, it will fuel your followers’ excitement, invoke curiosity, and pique their interest, which, in turn, makes them want to try out your product or service.

It is cost-effective

As mentioned earlier in this writeup, paying for ads may not be feasible, especially for startups. Therefore, you need another strategy to promote your product and improve sales. Running a giveaway is less expensive and predictable.

Unlike ad promotion, running a giveaway encompasses having a budget for the giveaway, come up with a process in conducting the contest, and strategize on how to market your products or services through it.

A superb way to give back to your fans

If you are thinking of showing your fans some love and appreciate them for their patronage. One significant way to do that is via giveaway. It’s unbiased, less time consuming, and fantastic.

Foolproof tactics for running a giveaway on Twitter

There are several foolproof tactics you need to employ to run a giveaway on Twitter successfully. These include but not limited to;

Set your objectives

Before you consider taking action, there are reasons which come in the form of goal or objectives you want to achieve by taking such action. This means that, in every action, setting your objectives of such action is of utmost importance the same for your Twitter giveaway.

You need to highlight what you want to achieve with the giveaway before conducting it and devise a viable means of achieving it.

Use it as an avenue to promote the social reach

While you are doing the giveaway to increase your brand awareness, followers, and sales conversion, you can as well use it as an avenue to promote your social reach. For example, you can make it a requirement to repost your giveaway post on their Facebook wall, Instagram, or other social media platforms you are on.

This will enable their friends to know about your product and, invariably become your follower.

Consider the terms and conditions, the privacy policy for doing a giveaway on Twitter

Every social media platform has its unique terms and conditions, as well as privacy policy attached to all their activities. So, you might want to read, understand, and ensure it’s what you can strictly adhere to.

Select your prize based on your budget and niche.

Giveaway is all about giving out prizes or gifts to your fans. However, you need to be clear on what you want to offer, else, you’ll be shooting yourself in the leg. For instance, if you are in the technology niche, giving out edible things as your prize is irrelevant and unlikely to get you your desired result.

Therefore, you need to make sure that your prize for the giveaway is something that can contribute immensely to the promotion of your product and not over your budget.

Use Socialman to boost your result

Doing a giveaway on Twitter can be a lot tasking, whether it’s your first time conducting such a contest or not. From conducting market research to devising the best strategy for your giveaway, the process involved, and lots more, it can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming.

This is why Socialman is your go-to app when it comes to doing a giveaway on the social media platform. It is a fast, efficient, and straightforward app that allows you to monitor all the metrics and speak to your audience in multiple languages across various social media platforms.

With Socialman, you never can get it wrong in getting an efficient and result-oriented giveaway on Twitter.

Final Thought

Twitter is a great platform to do a giveaway if you want an increment in your brand awareness, sales, customer base, and so on, even though it requires putting in some work.
However, with the right tools like Socialman, you’ll be wowed beyond imagination with the result you’ll achieve within a short period.

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