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Socialman makes it extremely easy for you to set up a Twitch competition. Try our example!


Our Twitch actions

Automated and validated. Our Twitch actions are fully integrated with Twitch API

Sign in with Twitch

Sign in with Twitch

Simply check in Twitch users and get their basic profile info

Follow on Twitch

Follow on Twitch

Get new followers with one click

Subscribe to a channel

Subscribe to a channel

Reward your channel's subscribers

Authenticate through Twitch account

Authenticate through Twitch account

All of our Twitch actions require authentication through a Twitch account. This helps us verify social network entries and reduces the number of steps required for entry, saving you time and ensuring that your campaign receives higher-quality entries.

Benefits of running a Twitch contest

Boost your channel

Boost your traffic

A giveaway is a great way to generate organic traffic to your website. Organize a Twitch contest and you will not only have more customers but potential subscribers for future newsletters too!

Improve brand loyalty

Improve brand loyalty

Twitch is all about building communities and even friendships. You can use this to your advantage: Giveaways are a great way of rewarding people for following you, encouraging them to come back again soon!

Increase brand awareness

Increase brand awareness

You could grow your other social media accounts by utilizing the cross-platform functionality of our giveaway app. You'll not only be able to benefit from increased growth on Twitch but will also gain new followers and activities for these channels as well!

Target new audiences

Target new audiences

As an avid Twitch follower, you probably already know the benefits of building a community. But did you know that creating and running giveaways is also a great way to target new audience groups?

Generate leads

Boost your SEO stats

Running a giveaway on Twitch is the best way to grow your search engine ranks. Consider how many people will be entering the contest most likely posting their hope of winning the prize as well as promoting it to Facebook and other social media outlets.

Improve your brand reputation

Create social media buzz

By running a giveaway with us you're guaranteeing yourself tons of social media activity! Remember that the more people talk about your giveaway, the better – it will boost your traffic and help build loyalty.

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Integrate Twitch with other apps

We believe in building a successful campaign across many popular social media platforms, not just Twitch.

Run Giveaways, Sweepstakes and Contests

The easiest way to create contests on social media

Socialman lets you manage your giveaways from A to Z (including all the boring stuff).

Manage giveaway entry options

Fed up with counting entries by hand? Socialman lets you choose entry options specific to each platform & tally up the points automatically.

Run multilingual giveaways

Open your contests to a global audience! Host your giveaways in your audience’s native language and welcome participants from all over the world.

Monitor giveaway interactions

Watch your participants in action with live updates on their giveaway interactions. Upgrade to the Pro version for even more detailed stats.

Generate Terms & Conditions

Writing terms & conditions for every contest? Boring! Socialman quickly generates platform- and country-specific T&Cs automatically.

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Run giveaways

Build your brand and speak to your tribe with contests and giveaways. Socialman allows you to speak to your audience in multiple languages and across multiple platforms.

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