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Twitch Streaming Trends of 2021

Oct 6th 2020

Twitch Streaming Trends of 2021

2020 has been a strange year. We've all spent a lot of time indoors, and COVID-19 has left a substantial impact on the world and how we look at things.

One website that has grown quite substantially amid the pandemic is Twitch. Twitch is a website that allows users to stream themselves to the internet, and people use it for a selection of different things - gaming, art, and craft tutorials.

It’s not surprising that people are interested in Twitch as a source of advertising and revenue - eagle-eyed businesses will be looking to make the most of any new advertising space. With that in mind, it’s interesting to take a look at some of the streaming trends of 2021.

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Improved Traffic and Users

One thing that Twitch does have going for it is more traffic and a better user level. Because so many people have wound up in lockdown with nothing better to do, there’s been a flurry of activity on Twitch and sites like it.

Given Twitch sees a 10% increase in traffic every week now, it’s not difficult to imagine that when it comes to Twitch, the website is only going to grow and develop as time goes by.

This growth will undoubtedly attract the attention of big businesses and sponsors, all of whom will be looking to lend their name to some of the best and brightest setting up a presence on Twitch.

Professionals and Creatives

When we think of Twitch, we think of YouTube stars and rookie creators. However, it may also be the case that we start to see an emergence of celebs who aren’t part of the typical cache - the world-renowned musicians and creatives are all taking to the world of Twitch to stay relevant.

Because of the community-led nature of Twitch, things like live performances and concerts are being done online to make sure that the fans are happy and the creators stay relevant.

The thing about Twitch is that the community is so important. If people want to see ordinary video content, they go to YouTube because it’s a very solo activity. However, for the available community, Twitch is all about interacting with like-minded folk and engaging with everyone.

It may well be the case that a lot of famous individuals - voice actors, creative folk, etc. - maintain a foothold on Twitch to keep interacting with fans and make sure that people feel like there’s still a rapport between the fanatics and the stars themselves.

Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways and contests are some of the big things that are happening on Twitch right now. A Twitch stream is just another following, and this means that somebody can run a giveaway similarly.

In the past, a giveaway might well have been done by a random number system, but the current giveaway works a little differently. By using an app like Socialman, you can encourage users to get multiple entries into the giveaway by completing tasks - like sharing content or subscribing to the Twitch channel.

Streaming Schedules

All of the successful Twitch users all follow a set pattern of behaviors - they all do certain things. This gives them a lot of options when it comes to how they do things, the way that they behave, and how it influences their overall experiences.

A lot of Twitch streamers are people who have streaming schedules. They plan and make it known exactly when they will be online and what this means for the fans.

The development of a streaming schedule is what usually separates the casual streamers from the ones looking to make a career out of it. Creating and implementing streaming schedules will be a popular trend, especially as many people who are only new to the site find their feet and develop their style.

Advertising and Sponsors Increasing

We touched a little on sponsors and advertising earlier, but as a trend, it’s going to play a significant role in terms of how the site functions and behaves.

Usually, sponsors work with content creators when there is a reasonable chance of return on investments. This is generally done on YouTube, but Twitch does present a unique opportunity.

Because Twitch is so community-oriented, streamers build a much more personal rapport with people than a YouTube creator - they make recommendations for things and talk about their lives. It gives it a sense of authenticity.

Advertisers love this, as do sponsors. If someone is organically mentioning and using their products on a stream where the relationship between creator and audience is a lot more personal, it’s something that can be appropriately used to get a better return on things.

It’s a small difference but ultimately an important one because it helps to give people a lot of new perspectives and aids in sponsorship offers.

So, to wrap this up, you’ve got a lot of trends on Twitch which are undoubtedly going to make a massive difference as time goes on. You’ve got a broad selection of options which makes all the difference, and multiple ways in which you can get the best options. It’s all about searching for and exploring so many of the different ways that Twitch can ultimately be a useful platform.

Functionally, what has made Twitch so popular is probably the community. In this challenging time, a lot of people have been isolated with no support. That’s going to be a challenge for people to try and overcome, immensely if they’re not used to being by themselves, and Twitch helps a lot with the isolation. Ultimately, it falls to businesses to try and get the tools that they need for success by examining all of the different options. This can yet be a challenging thing to do, but it is worth it too. One thing that can be agreed on by all is that Twitch is here to stay, that it has picked up a good level of popularity, and that in a world where we’re all stuck indoors, it’s a popular platform.

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