9 Best Websites to Promote Giveaways

By Eddie Graham, Dec 6th 2018

One of the best ways to promote your brand, business, or message is to host a giveaway or contest.

This marketing option is fun, affordable, and easy to run. The benefits received far outweigh any of the costs involved when they’re managed correctly. You gain more customers, email subscribers, social media followers, and even revenues from new customers.

The issue most firms experience with their giveaways and contests is this: a lack of promotion.

You must market your giveaway for people to find it. These are the best ways you can do just that.


1. Social Media

You already have relationships with your followers on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the other social media channels you’re active on right now. Post links to your giveaway on your profile, promote it with images, and get a video on YouTube if you can.

This combination is highly shareable, which offers the potential for viral traffic and plenty of traffic.


2. Reddit

This platform is a magical place for giveaways. It only requires a minimal time investment to provide plenty of traffic for your marketing effort. The only issue is that self-promotion is strongly discouraged on Reddit.

Here are some strategies that can help you work around this issue to take advantage of the platform’s high traffic levels.

  • Spend time on active subreddits which are related to your business, giving you opportunities to build relationships.

  • Ask permission from the admins and mods before posting anything remotely promotional about your giveaway.

  • Talk to your friends about upvotes, but remember that organized activity like this is also frowned upon by the site.

Every subreddit likes different types of content posted too. Some prefer case studies, while others love statistical posts. You won’t know until you start discovering the personalities of each conversation chain.

Reddit has specific giveaway subreddits where you are allowed to post links to your contests. The most important are /r/giveaways and /r/sweepstakes. You should match the subreddit rules when posting which means adding the giveaway end date in a specific format. You could also try to post the giveaway in other subreddits if their topic is related. For example, some gaming subreddits accept giveaways of games or in-game items.

It’s worth the effort. If you’re blogging to promote your giveaway, try using a free tool like this Reddit converter for automatic formatting to save some more time.


3. Online Sweepstakes

This extensive website focuses on giveaways in Canada or the United States. There are daily categories of new and expiring sweepstakes which help to pull some traffic. Your prizes are also categorized to generate interest.

A membership is required to post your giveaway, but it is free, and the process only takes a couple of minutes to complete. You’ll find plenty of expensive promotions available here, so it is definitely a site worth considering.


4. Contest Girl

This site makes it simple to promote your giveaway. You must provide information about the event, including a direct URL, along with any restrictions you may have.

You’re permitted to submit a contest without registering for an account. If you do sign up for a free profile, then you can add private notes to any item on your list. There’s also the benefit of adding direct links to your listings which are not possible with the main listings.


5. Julies Freebies

This giveaway site recently removed their free listing option. A basic guaranteed listing is $49, while Pro listings which include social media promotion are $149. If you want video promotion, expect to pay $449.


6. Giveaway Frenzy

Although there are several premium tiers to consider, this sweepstakes site still offers a free 7-day listing on their “Latest Giveaways” page. For featured placement, you’ll be asked to pay at least $19.99. Aggressive promotions and placements offer pricing around $100, which includes submission to over 100 additional contest sites.


7. Giveaway Monkey

Basic listings for this site begin at $1.50, while featured listing upgrades at $3. Once you submit your listing, your promotion lists on the website within 48 hours. Featured listings receive carousel placement, while the more expensive tiers offer several additional benefits.

Giveaways include iPads, $1,000 gift cards, and similar items at those price points.


8. Giveaway Promote

There are no free plans offered on this site, but it does feature a standard listing for $5. Your giveaway posts within 48 business hours, including a prize image, and it stays listed until the end date.

You’ll find $700 gift cards to Amazon, iPhones, and unique product giveaways featured on this site. The value ranges from $25 items to an iPhone XS Max.


9. Sweetie’s Sweeps

This sweeps site is restricted to the United States only. The prize must be available for anyone to win, though restricted listings are possible. A minimum prize value of $25 is required for the listing to be approved.

The site also charges a minimum $25 listing fee. You’ll find prize values topping $10,000, however, making it a possible investment worth making.


Get Started on Your Giveaway Promotion Today!

Submitting your giveaway is a low- or no-cost way to gain extra exposure for your event. These are the sites with the most reliable reputations for building traffic.

Get started today to begin collecting more entries. Then the rest of the promotional work is up to you!

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