How to Make Money on Twitch?

Oct 21st 2021

How to Make Money on Twitch?

Twitch is the largest live streaming service at 15 million a minute on average. It does not take long for influencers to rise on a platform, and as we've seen, this includes many of the same game developers releasing the top gaming highlight video for YouTube. Some established gamers have surprisingly discovered a way to make a bit of money via Twitch.

Live broadcasting is an effective way to get paid regardless of the goals in the industry. Learn how to monetize your account in advance to build your channel. Once you reach a vast target audience, viewers want to support your Twitch channel financially. This article has several examples that illustrate how to make money using Twitch.

This blog post will cover:

  1. How to grow your audience?
  2. How can streamers make money on Twitch?
  3. How can you monetize your channel without losing viewers?

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Building a Twitch Audience


Twitch Streamers


Building a Twitch audience and gaining attention for your game can be difficult. But how do you find the right people? The key lies in building up an online community on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You should use these platforms to promote content that will keep fans interested, so they tune into every broadcast!

In order not to have steady earnings until one has put lots of time into marketing efforts, it's essential not only to utilize networking skills but also stay creative about what kind things may entail - from writing blog posts through designing custom artwork (even if it's just using some graphics software).

What Are Some Good Ways to Grow Your Audience?

Twitch is a platform where gamers can stream themselves playing games to an audience. It's an excellent way for people with creative skills to make money, but it takes time and dedication.

Streaming is a lot of work, and not everyone is cut out for the job. That said, if you have the right attitude and can keep your day job while streaming on the side, then it might be worth considering.

To be a successful streamer on Twitch and grow your audience follow these guidelines:

  1. You have to be good at the game you're playing because viewers will not stick around if you're wrong.
  2. Make sure your internet connection is fast enough to have no lag when they watch your streams.
  3. Be entertaining or informative - don't just play the same game repeatedly without saying anything interesting about it.
  4. Give shoutouts when someone follows you, subscribes, or donates; this helps them feel appreciated and encourages more of that behavior in the future.

Income Sources Available to Twitch Streamers

Do you want to know about all the ways that streamers can make money on Twitch? I fo so, you're in good hands. We'll explore the different sources of revenue available to twitchers today.


Streamers Earn Money


Brand Sponsorships

There is no requirement for you to be a Twitch affiliate or partner to make sponsorship agreements. You can post a variety of products to your audience using Twitch. Brands typically reach out to the streams they want to work with, but nothing stops you from pitching brands directly.

There are tons of opportunities outside the Twitch Network, so it doesn't matter whether you're a Partner or an Affiliate.

Brands will inevitably choose to work with broadcasters who influence their followers' decision process- which means that all channels, big and small alike, can qualify for sponsorship deals!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting a product and give your audience a coupon code. Affiliates are a great way to make money on Twitch without becoming a Twitch Partner. It's more like sponsorship because you have to get people to purchase instead of being paid just to show the product to people.

Twitch Affiliate Program

The Twitch Affiliate Program helps eligible streamers get closer to their goal of making a livelihood doing what they love.

Twitch Affiliates can start earning money on Twitch while building their audience and working toward the coveted status of Twitch Partner.

Twitch affiliates can make money by taking subscriptions from their viewers. There are specific subscription options: $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and the Prime free subscription.

Twitch Partner Program

The Twitch Partner Program is for those serious about streaming and who want to advance from Affiliate status.

As a Twitch Partner, you'll be able to take advantage of the following perks:


  • Channel Subscriptions & emotes
  • Bits
  • Ads

Channel customization

  • Custom Chat Badges
  • Custom Emoticons
  • Custom Emoticon Prefix
  • Custom Bit Badges and Cheermotes
  • Verified User Badge

VOD Features

  • Extended VOD Storage
  • Priority Support
  • Teams
  • Access to Partner-only opportunities
  • Video Transcodes
  • Broadcast Delay

What are the criteria to become a Twitch Partner Program?

Unfortunately, there are strict criteria to become a Twitch Partner. Moreover, completing them does not assure Partnership.

You have to complete the Path to Partner achievement or show that you have a substantial, active audience/following on other platforms. Additionally, you are obligated to create content that complies with Twitch Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, and DMCA Restrictions. Finally, those who complete Path to Partner should maintain the criteria outlined in the achievement consistently.

As you can notice, it's a lot of work, but the best thing about it is that you'll ve provides with a steady stream of cash. You'll be paid this amount every month, which is lovely for consistency and ensuring that you won't become bankrupt in any given month.


When you don't have many followers on Twitch, it's challenging to figure out how to make money. But if your viewers love watching what they see and would like rewards for supporting it, then Patreon might be right up their alley!

You could offer rewards that they will love, such as exclusive video content or top tips and tricks!

Remember: don't be afraid of trying new things on Patreon - if it doesn't work out, then you can just take away the incentive without losing any patrons!

Ensure your Twitch profile description includes a link to your Patreon website, and advertise your Patreon prizes to viewers throughout streams.

How To Build A Profitable Twitch Audience


Twitch Streamer


Engage Your Viewers

When a new person joins, be sure to engage with them as much as possible—answer chat comments, organize giveaways, and contests or prepare something unique! The more entertaining you can keep people around, the better chance they'll subscribe for future broadcasts.


Building friendships with other streamers is a great way to generate new opportunities. If you connect with another streamer and join their chat, the streamer and their viewers may come to your channel and subscribe to you.

This also applies when two channels plug each others' content by hosting or sharing links between themselves; mutually beneficial relationships can bloom from these connections.

Be Active Across Multiple Social Media Accounts

Twitch is a fantastic gaming platform, but it's not the best social media site to promote your streams. Because there are so few ways to do this on Twitch itself, venture out into other platforms and build up an audience!

Create a strategy for promoting your channel across numerous platforms. Upload videos to YouTube, go on forums (Reddit, Quora, etc.), and look for people asking questions about the game you played. Share your content on social media (Facebook, IG, Twitter, etc.).

Run Giveaways

To increase your chances of being seen, try giveaways. Twitch streamers can gain more followers by giving away something that the viewers want or need. There is always demand for these promotions because they provide an incentive to come to check out a new streamer with great content!

Wrapping it up

If you're just starting with Twitch, it can be hard to know how to monetize your channel without losing viewers. That's why we wanted to provide some examples of ways that popular streamers are making money on their channels so you can get ideas for what works for your audience and find something that will work for you too!

Start by building up an engaged community before turning toward sponsorships or other income sources. You want people excited about the content they see when they visit your page- not only because it is entertaining but also because they understand its value and feel like a part of the process. It sounds scary at first, but there are plenty of online resources to help new streamers figure this stuff out!

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