Pokémon GO. A Unique Case Study in Marketing

Besides investors shaking their heads, regretting not buying those Nintendo stock bonds before Pokémon GO was announced, what other results do we see from Pokémon GO, an augmented-reality app that marries wide-spread nostalgia with the fun of a novel virtual reality game?

This app has conquered users of currently 26 different countries as well as [a slew of] media outlets. Its sudden rise to fame has proven to serve as a social experiment in ways concerning psychological behavior, video-game development and for us here, most importantly, marketing strategies.

Does Business Really Only Need One Language?

Language has always been a fluid concept, a catalyst for articulating a person's thoughts. We appreciate it for a variety of reasons: the way it evolves, the amount of people who speak it, its artistic value, etc. Language is also valued for a more practical reason: its global power.

Snapchat's Value as a Marketing Tool

Snapchat, a social networking app that combines the vanity of taking selfies and keeping contact with your friends, has made it big. It's amassed so much popularity (~150 million daily users) in recent years that its rivals include the social networking giants of Facebook and Twitter. Its appeal comes from not only the usage of pictures and videos to grab immediate attention, but also the introduction of a narrative.

Yik Yak as a Therapist and as a Friend

The Social Networking industry is one of the most archetypal examples of free-market competition. Every year kick-starter apps are developed in garage-offices, dorms, and spit out mercilessly by the hugely dynamic tech market. Its very nature is volatile because the users control the success of each app based on their own preferences, which can be difficult to predict. The ones who break through anonymity become wildly successful as their applications lift off and snowball into a name known in daily language.

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