Yik Yak as a Therapist and as a Friend

Jun 3rd 2016

The Social Networking industry is one of the most archetypal examples of free-market competition. Every year kick-starter apps are developed in garage-offices, dorms, and spit out mercilessly by the hugely dynamic tech market. Its very nature is volatile because the users control the success of each app based on their own preferences, which can be difficult to predict. The ones who break through anonymity become wildly successful as their applications lift off and snowball into a name known in daily language.

Social Media Moving Forward. Top Homegrown Networking apps in 2016

May 23rd 2016

In Social Media, we tend to think of the few major players that dominate the world market. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are all household names in many parts of the world. In some regions, however, there are homegrown networking apps that have greater stride than their brand-name competitors in the countries where they are based. In order to harness a greater share of the international market, companies must tap into these native social media sites of other countries. This article is an overview of the major niche players that we see at the moment and give a prediction as to where they might be headed. We give you our top International Networking apps of 2016.

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