How to Do an Instagram Giveaway

With the staggering number behind Instagram statistic, it is apparent that any businesses that fail to leverage Instagram to revenue at this age are only doing themselves a disservice. Instagram is a great social media platform to increase brand awareness, generate leads, improve sales conversion, and grow revenue.

However, in this present age where the audience has unlimited access to information, getting massive followers for your Instagram page particularly as a new entrant or small businesses with a tight budget to run ads can be a hard nut to crack.

Contests have proven to be one of the most valuable tools to grow Instagram followers. There are various ways of creating an Instagram contest, but none can compare to the use of giveaway. Everybody likes freebies. You also do, right?

10+ Best Websites to Promote Giveaways

Created by Eddie Graham, Dec 6th 2018

10+ Best Websites to Promote Giveaways

One of the best ways to promote your brand, business, or message is to host a giveaway or contest.

This marketing option is fun, affordable, and easy to run. The benefits received far outweigh any of the costs involved when they’re managed correctly. You gain more customers, email subscribers, social media followers, and even revenues from new customers.

The issue most firms experience with their giveaways and contests is this: a lack of promotion.

You must market your giveaway for people to find it. These are the best ways you can do just that.

Socialman's Analytics Superpower

Statistics plays a major role in the success of many marketing efforts. It helps you predict what your customer base consists of, where potential customers exist, helps you gain insight into what interests a potential customer.

Socialman is an application that bridges the gap between ease of use and full comprehensibility in the online giveaway world. It integrates multiple social media platforms with a sleek, customizable design for every giveaway.

Some of Socialman's most important elements are the optional statistical features that become relevant in the Pro plan.

Pokémon GO. A Unique Case Study in Marketing

Besides investors shaking their heads, regretting not buying those Nintendo stock bonds before Pokémon GO was announced, what other results do we see from Pokémon GO, an augmented-reality app that marries wide-spread nostalgia with the fun of a novel virtual reality game?

This app has conquered users of currently 26 different countries as well as [a slew of] media outlets. Its sudden rise to fame has proven to serve as a social experiment in ways concerning psychological behavior, video-game development and for us here, most importantly, marketing strategies.

Does Business Really Only Need One Language?

Language has always been a fluid concept, a catalyst for articulating a person's thoughts. We appreciate it for a variety of reasons: the way it evolves, the amount of people who speak it, its artistic value, etc. Language is also valued for a more practical reason: its global power.

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