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Jingle All the Way: 6 Quick Christmas Giveaway Contest Ideas

Dec 14th 2023

Jingle All the Way: 6 Quick Christmas Giveaway Contest Ideas

As the festive season blankets us in the warmth of holiday spirit, it's time to infuse your digital presence with the joy of giving. In this article, "Jingle All the Way," we unwrap 6 simple and entertaining Christmas giveaway contest ideas that will capture your audience and spread the holiday cheer.

From exciting challenges to heartfelt gestures, each concept comes with detailed instructions to ensure that your holiday giveaways are not only festive but also smoothly executed. Join us on this creative sleigh ride as we navigate the art of giving with a festive shine!

Why to even run a Christmas contest on social media?

Launching a social media giveaway is a perfect technique to fast grow your brand's reach and foster audience engagement. With millions of people actively participating, social media platforms provide instant contacts with potential clients. Giveaways encourage user interaction by encouraging users to promote and endorse your business, hence increasing organic visibility. This quick method not only improves brand image, but it also fosters loyalty and draws new followers. Social media contests are an effective way to increase brand awareness and build a vibrant online community.

Here are the facts:

  • Over 4.59 billion people use social media globally. That is a sizable prospective audience. Christmas giveaways are a tried-and-true technique to boost community involvement on your website.
  • Setting up a Christmas social media contest is a piece of cake - it's easy to get going, runs super quick, and picking winners is a breeze. If you're after a simple and down-to-earth campaign idea, this is the way to go.

Grab some of our ideas!

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#1. Santa's Workshop Tour

Take your audience on an online tour of your workspace, highlighting the behind-the-scenes magic of Christmas preparation.

Here's a breakdown of how to execute this idea:

1. Tour Organization:

Determine which aspects of your workspace will be highlighted during the virtual tour. This could include desks with festive accents, communal areas with holiday decorations, or other special preparations specific to your company.

2. Produce Engaging Content:

Take high-quality images or videos of the various areas of your workstation. Decorate with holiday-themed decorations, ornaments, and possibly even some personnel dressed in holiday clothes to add a festive touch.

3. Narration or Commentary:

Accompany the visuals with narration or commentary, providing insights into Christmas preparations, team efforts, and any special customs your company observes during this time.

4. Highlight Festive Touches:

Showcase any extra seasonal touches, such as themed decorations, Christmas trees, or collaborative projects your staff is working on for the season.

5. Involve Your Audience:

Encourage your audience to participate in the tour by asking questions, offering their ideas, or even suggesting festive additions to your "Santa's Workshop." Use multi-platform Socialman giveaway maker to collect submissions, grow your audience and spread the news aboout the contest.

6. Live or Recorded Format:

Determine if you want to perform the tour in real time with your audience, or whether a pre-recorded version will better suit your content strategy.

7. Promote in Advance:

Create excitement by using email campaigns, social media posts, and teasers to advertise the upcoming workshop tour ahead of time. Inform your viewers of the virtual tour's launch date.

8. Follow-Up Interaction:

After the tour, interact with the audience by asking them to share their highlights, pose more queries, or offer comments. This promotes the continuation of the discussion and strengthens the bond.


Christmas contest: Santa's workshop tour


#2. Week of Giveaways

Launch a daily giveaway series for the 7 days leading up to Christmas, building excitement and engagement.

How to execute:

1. Define the prizes:

Choose seven different prizes, one for each day of the week. These might be your products, services, or even limited-edition seasonal things.

2. Make a Timetable:

Create a daily schedule for each giveaway, including the start and end periods as well as the date and time when winners will be announced. Make this schedule clear to your audience.

3. Use Professional Services:

Consider running your giveaways effortlessly with Socialman. Streamline the process, maximize engagement, and track success with customizable tools. It's a valuable resource worth exploring for a seamless giveaway experience.

4. Raise Anticipation:

Begin publicizing the "7 Days of Giveaways" a few days ahead of time. Tease your fans with the impending prizes and encourage them to remain tuned for the daily revelations.

5. Fascinating Announcements:

Make a fascinating announcement about the daily gift every day. Create visually engaging content by using pictures, movies, or graphics.

6. Promote Participation:

Clearly state the guidelines for involvement, including what counts as liking, sharing, commenting, and tagging others. In addition to increasing engagement, this makes your gifts more visible.

7. Winner Announcements:

Immediately announce each day's winners and publicly recognize their accomplishments. This fosters a good environment and motivates further involvement.

8. Express Gratitude:

Thank your audience for coming and for their support. To increase goodwill, think of including a discount or special offer for each and every participant.

#3. Festive Employee Spotlights

Feature your team members sharing their favorite holiday traditions or memories, adding a personal touch to your brand.

How to execute:

1. Choose Your Team Members:

To ensure a diverse representation, pick team members who are open to sharing their vacation experiences.

2. Craft Holiday Questions:

Create thought-provoking questions with a holiday theme that encourage team members to share memories, customs, or anecdotes.

3. Produce Visual Content:

Take eye-catching pictures or videos of your team members together with their answers to the holiday questionnaires. Use Socialman app to spread the contest accross multiple social platforms like YouTube or Twitter. Collect entries and social media shares in the Socialman's giveaway widget.

4. Plan Releases:

To build excitement and anticipation for Christmas, schedule the releases of the festive staff spotlights.

5. Promote Audience Interaction:

Ask your audience to participate by telling you about their own holiday customs and mentioning what they liked best about the staff spotlights.

6. Express Unity and Gratitude:

As you wrap up the series, promote an inclusive and upbeat holiday mood by thanking your audience for joining you on the festive journey as well as your team for contributing.


Christmas decorations contest


#4. Holiday Recipe Exchange

Encourage followers to share their favorite holiday recipes, creating a community-driven experience sharing and unity.

How to execute:

1. Set the Theme:

Give the recipe exchange a theme, such "Traditional Family Favorites" or "Creative Twists on Classic Dishes."

2. Feature Submissions:

Use Socialman giveaway tool to collect submissions, either as text or social media links, using open question entry type. Choose the best one, announcing the winner in the giveaway widget. To acknowledge and promote greater involvement, highlight a few recipes in your social media posts and give credit to the creators.

3. Make Recipe Cards:

To increase the shareability and visual appeal of the information, create aesthetically appealing recipe cards for featured contributions.

4. Hashtag Integration:

To streamline submissions and advertise your brand when participants post online, use a branded hashtag for the recipe exchange.

5. Engagement and Interaction:

Promote a community-driven experience by asking followers to remark on, consider, and plan to try the shared recipes.

6. Showcase Diversity:

Emphasize a variety of recipes that represent various cultures and traditions.

#5. Santa's Sack of Discounts

Offer a unique deal or time-limited discount on your goods or services that is in keeping with the holiday season.

Here's a breakdown on how to execute the idea:

Think about tempting Festive Discount Promotion:

Create an offer of different discounts related to your niche. Add the holiday touch with the name for example: "Santa's Sack of Discounts”

1. Use Help of Professional Services

Save your time with all integrated, suitable services, maximize engagement, and track success with customizable tools. Trust professionals like Socialman to make your contest a success.

2. Make a Seasonal Link:

Incorporate a fun and festive touch by presenting the discounts as gifts from Santa's sack to create a link with the holiday season.

3. Limited-Time Offers:

Set a time limit on the discounts to generate a sense of urgency and prompt participation.

4. Communicate through Visuals:

To spread the joyous discount concept throughout your marketing platforms, use eye-catching visuals or pictures of Santa's bag. Use the entry types available in Socialman app to spread the contest accross multiple social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Collect entries of social media users in the Socialman's giveaway widget, ensuring that the winner selection is done properly by the app.

5. Promote Across Platforms:

To increase reach and engagement, post the deals on a variety of platforms, such as your website, email newsletters, and social media.

6. Show Your Gratitude:

Include a note expressing your gratitude to clients for their assistance over the year, along with a presentation.

#6. The Best Christmas Tree Contest

Encourage your followers and customers to show their Christmas trees, it'll create the feeling of community and familiarity with your brand

How to execute:

1. Visual Showcase:

Create eye-catching visual content that highlights the beauty and diversity of several Christmas tree varieties.

2. Decoration Ideas:

Give ideas by showcasing different Christmas tree ornament configurations, color schemes, and decorating techniques.

3. DIY Tree Decor Projects:

Provide do-it-yourself (DIY) guides or projects for decorating trees to inspire followers to give their own trees a unique touch.

4. Interactive Polls and Surveys:

To find out about your audience's preferred styles, decorations, or even personal Christmas tree customs, run polls or surveys on Socialman giveway app. Consider collecting ideas using the Socialman's 'select a photo from your Instagram' entry type if Instagram users are your main taget.

5. User-Generated Content:

To foster a feeling of inclusivity and community, invite followers to post pictures of their Christmas trees that they have decorated with a custom hashtag.

6. Storytelling and Tradition Sharing:

Talk about Christmas tree-related tales or customs.


The best Christmas tree contest



With these carefully chosen Christmas giveaway ideas, you can embrace the festive season, increase engagement, and spread joy-making it an unforgettable time for your audience and your company.

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