20 Best Prize Ideas For Your Giveaway

Dec 17th 2020

20 Best Prize Ideas For Your Giveaway

If you’re going to run a giveaway, you need to carefully select the prizes you’ll be giving out.

A giveaway can be a great way to connect with your audience and promote brand loyalty. Now obviously, the type of prize that you give away to that lucky customer will make all the difference to how well the giveaway performs and the resulting boost to your reputation.

To try and help with this, let’s take a look at the top prize ideas for your giveaway here at Socialman. This will definitely help you when it comes to the best possible prizes.

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E-Commerce Related Prizes

A lot of the prices that you give to people are probably going to be related to e-commerce. Let’s take a look at the top handful of prizes you could hand out.

Handing out one of your own products as a giveaway prize is a great idea. You promote your product, your customer gets something from your website, everybody wins.

If you have a new product that is releasing soon, then you might give one of your winners a sneak peek by giving them the product before it releases to the public.

Early access products are also quite common because they are good giveaway prizes. Hand out a product that is releasing soon and you’ll see that people get really excited for them.

Products that have a limited number or a good incentive for a giveaway. Limited edition goods mean that people are more inclined to enter the giveaway to get something rare, so this works out well for you.

If you are a business that can customize something, then handing out a customizable good to somebody is a great way to make your giveaway fun. It means that winners get unique prizes, and you get a chance to show them off on social media.

Offering a week's supply of a product, or a year's supply, or any other figure of time that you care to mention is a great way to incentivize giveaways. It means that you provide someone with enough products to last them for a period of time, and it’s a really desirable prize.

Vouchers that can only be redeemed on your website is a good way to get a giveaway prize together that doesn’t require a lot of preparation. The giveaway incentivizes free choice, which people really like.

Subscription Prizes

If you’re a business that works via subscriptions, then there are plenty of prices that you can hand out. Let’s take a look at the top ones here.

A subscription to your service is a great giveaway present. It could be a month, it could be six months, or it could be a year. The amount of subscription that you give isn’t as important as making sure that you provide a good gift.

Another great way to make sure that you hand out a good price for a giveaway is to upgrade somebody’s membership. Offering them access to the exclusive package free of charge means that you get a loyal customer, and free publicity on social media when the competition is running.

If your subscription provides customers with a regular supply of products, maybe you could offer them a bonus selection of goodies. These are products that will work well with whatever is in the subscription, so for example, a complimentary beauty product.

Service Companies

If you’re a company that offers a service, there are a couple of different service prize giveaways that you can give out. Once again, let’s take a look.

Obviously, the free service route is an easy one. Offer a free window cleaning or a complimentary repair to a computer as a prize, and you’ll see that a lot of people will enter the competition.

Another good strategy is to offer discounts. Discounts mean that customers can access services for a reduced cost, and it can be a good incentive for competition entry.

Industry-Relevant Products

Another fantastic way to make sure that you tap into competitions is to provide industry relevant products as giveaway prizes.

So for example, if you were some kind of travel website, then you could offer a discount hotel prices, or tickets to a safari.

Those people who were beauty bloggers could offer beauty products that they got through collaboration with brands. Plenty of brands are willing to partner up for a giveaway if it means that there is going to be some good publicity.

Food companies can offer recipes to be used or kitchen equipment, technology companies can offer a useful gizmo or gadget, the list is endless.

eSports Companies

eSports is a pretty big industry at the moment and it’s easy to see why. There are a lot of exciting prizes available from a giveaway like this.

Handing out a copy of a video game is always a good idea because it encourages people to get involved for their chance to break into the industry. You could also offer a training session with an experienced player, or some new hardware, or even an invite to the latest tournament.

Final Thoughts

So obviously, it’s really important to pick the right prizes for your giveaways. By using an app like the Socialman app, you can seamlessly give away the prizes and coordinate your contests with ease.

A good giveaway prize has got to be fun. How else will you be able to get the best possible options? For a lot of people, it’s all about finding out what customers respond to the best.

A giveaway is most successful when there is something that people actually want. You have to make sure that you are providing something that is desirable as a price, otherwise, no one will be interested in entering your giveaway. Sometimes, this means that you have to do market research to find out exactly what people want. However, it is definitely worth it if you can create a giveaway that has prizes that people want, because then there will be much more incentive to enter the competition and win.

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